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Hazlehurst, Mississippi

Jun  2015
We are LOVING Want A Snack :)  
There are 3 dogs that keep me around as useful.  Hannah, a 100 lb german shepard lab mix, has serious shedding, skin, and stink issues.  She looks like a shedding buffalo twice a year.  I have been giving her one and a half Snacks daily since they arrived.  
Firstly Hannah really enjoys the Snacks.  Brushing her shedding undercoat has become soooo much easier for both of us.  I don't have to chase her around.  It appears there is less tugging and pulling (which is why I had to chase her).  The stink of rancid corn chips has gone completely away!  She chews less and less on her fore legs.  Hannah appears to be more alert and playful since some of her issues have decreased since beginning Want A Snack.
My other two, Tucker and Buddy, don't have any issues.  But,  They sure do like the Want A Snack!
I am thankful to have found your wonderful product.  I will have to try the Vitamin and Mineral Joint food supplement.  It was fortunate that I was listening to Doc Thompson and Skip that morning on the  radio when they were spot lighting small businesses.   I have been telling all my animal loving family and friends about your products.  They all know how stinky and sad looking Hannah was before.  They can see and smell the difference first hand.
Thank You,
Hannah, Tucker, Buddy and Marilyn

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Mandeville Louisiana

July 2015

I am very impressed regarding the snacks, she is 10 years old, 8 lbs.  Half a snack she acted like she was on a high.  I found giving her 1/4 or 1/3 (depending on how they break), works much better.  I will be ordering the snacks again



Versailles, Ky

April 12, 2011

My biggest regret is that I did not make a note of the dates involved regarding the marked improvement in our dog Jed.

First a little history on Jed. We got him at about four months of age in the late spring of 1998. He is 1/2 Rhodesian Ridgeback and 1/2 Chocolate Lab. He was always very active as you might guess from the Lab half. At one time in his prime he weighed in at the Vet’s at 72 lbs Now, when the wear and tear of 13 years came to the surface last winter he had apparently become quite stiff; possibly arthritic; especially in his hind quarters. It was very difficult for him to get up, and also stiff about walking. Sometimes he would limp in his right rear leg. Also in the past year or two he has had teeth problems so his eating dropped off and he now weighs probably from 40 to 50 lbs so his troubles were not due to excessive weight.

Well, we received a package of “Want A Snack brand Dog Snacks” from Cal Density. After giving him one a day for 4 days he was getting up and about a lot easier than he had for some time. He steadily improved to the point that getting up and down is a whole lot easier and less stressful for him. Also there is no longer any limp. Mind you he is 13 so there hasn’t been any rabbit chasing or ball fetching for some time; but he does get along much better now. Other than moving slower than he used to and being thinner along with some hearing loss; his life looks to be a lot more enjoyable thanks to “Want A Snack”. We will make sure he gets it daily from now on. We are most grateful for your help and caring.

– Bob and Pat Zerkle and Jed Versailles, Ky



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